Panther Martin 15ST-PMSTS-WI Sonic

Panther Martin 15ST-PMSTS-WI Sonic
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The new Sonic SizzleTail lure is designed for both saltwater andfreshwater applications. Great for Redfsh, Sea Trout in Southern EastCoast areas and along the Gulf Coast. This new lure is also e?ective forStriped Bass, Flounder, Snook and other saltwater species. The use ande?ectiveness does not stop there because these lures will also catch Bass,Walleye, Northern Pike and other freshwater fsh.A unique feature of this lure is that the jighead style spinner features afree ?oating sonic arm with bearing bead. The unique convex/concavePanther Martin blade spins directly on the ?oating sonic arm creatingmore vibration than all other clevis spinners.Outftted with a Mustad 3/O Black Nickel, Opti-Angle Needle Point,Round Bend Hook and Swirl Tail Grub


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