Shimano Tranx 500

Shimano Tranx 500
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Shimano's Tranx is the hot rod of the low profile reel class, with the streamline chassis of a teardrop baitcaster perched on the power train of a monster truck. The reel of choice for hardcore lure tossers who chase big fish on big water, the Tranx is designed to handle tuna blowing up on topwaters and muskie that think a huge bladed lure is their next meal. Whether your technique requires blazing retrieves or your fish demand power to the finish, Tranx has you covered with both high gear and power gear models. And with 25 pounds of max drag and the capacity to load up with 420 yards of 50-pound Power Pro, you will finish off plenty of fish.


Retrieve Right
Line Retrieve Per Crank (in) 43 (HG) 30 (PG)
Mono Line Capacity (test/yards) 30/160, 40/120, 50/100
Braided Capacity (test/yards) 40/350, 60/275, 80/260 (Hollow Ace) 50/420, 65/270, 80/210 (Power Pro)
Max Drag 25
Ball Bearings 7 S A-RB
Roller Bearings 1
Gear Ratio 6.6:1 (HG) 4.6:1 (PG)
Weight 20 oz
Grip Shape Ergonomic Single Power Handle

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